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Name                  Dilwyn (Wyn)
QTH                     Cwmbran, Wales
Grid                      IO81LP

4-Square Info
Band - 80m
Phasing system - Comtek
Vertical construction - aluminium and 12m telescopic fibre glass, supported by wooden posts.  Free standing.

1. Looks breezy at GW4RIB today!     2. When the amp's broke Wyn uses smoke signals!     3. Wyn at the operating position

4. Mounting     5. Phasing box and dump load     6. Feed point     7. Wyn's shack

1.     Looks like a windy day!
2.     If propogation is not good Wyn can also make a QSO using smoke signals!!!
3.     Wyn in the shack.
4.     Vertical mounting.
5.     Phasing system and dump load.
6.     Vertical feedpoint.
7.     The shack at GW4RIB.

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