Name                  Steve Pridham
QTH                     Cornwall, England
Grid                      IO70VM

4-Square Info                   
Band - 80m
Operational since 24th November 2008, full-size quarter wave verticals.
Phasing system from Comtek.
Verticals are aluminium with telescopic carbon fibre top sections - 14 guys per vertical.

A word or two from Steve:

The project started approximately two years ago after being helped by Paul PA0GMW to work some stateside DX one Christmas Eve on my inverted V.  A good friend Ken 2E0TVP said if I was serious I should build a Four Square and  thus we began.
The antenna site is some 135 metres from my house being fed by Westflex 103.  The four verticals are 70 feet each being 40 foot of 2" aluminium topped with 30 foot of carbon fibre, the carbon having two wires running up to the top on opposite sides of the pole.
Each vertical has 14 guys as we have some monstrous westerly winds down here.  There are 60 buried radials for each mast and the wire was the cheapest I could get from numerous sources.  The whole thing is controlled with the Comtek phasing box which I think is an amazing piece of kit.  So far results have been astonishing with a back to front you previously only dreamt of and a serious amount of forward gain.  Would I do it all again,  absoloutely !!
Steve - G4BVB

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5.     6.    7.     8.

9.     10.

1.          Attachment of the radials
2.          Top mounting
3.          Vertical feedpoint
4.          Mounting post
5.          4-Square in all it's glory!
6.          Comtek phasing system
7.          4-Square viewed from a different angle
8.          Top mount
9.          The security system - beware the ram!!
10.        Proud owner - Steve, G4BVB

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