4-Square Site

Name                  Geoff Downs
QTH                     West Yorkshire
Grid                      IO93BT
Station Info         Elecraft K3 since January 2008

4-Square Info
My four square for 80m is on rough pasture that slopes downwards from South to North.  The field is grazing land for a dairy farm and the farmer kindly lets me use it during the winter months while the grass is not growing and the cattle live inside. I do not own enough land of my own for a four square.  Part of our home (about 80m from the array) can be seen on the right of photo 1.

My first antenna dedicated to 80m was a single quarter wave vertical in 2002.  I graduated to two phased verticals for the two following winter seasons and first put up a 4 square in 2005, with much helpful advice from others with more experience.  I now put it up every year in October and remove it from the field (including radials) at the end of March, shortly before the cattle come out for the summer.

The elements are about 62ft high, made of 2 in diameter aluminium tube all the way up and are quarter wave spaced.  The guys are 2mm Kevlar or Dacron every 10 feet.  Thus 24 guys for each element – which may seem a lot but we are 750 ft (225m) above sea level and 70mph winds occasionally appear during the winter.  Each element has 95 ground radials 20m long.  Phasing and matching is by L/C networks.

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1.      Looking North
2.      Looking South
3.      Base of one of the elements (complete with worms!)
4.      Phasing and matching networks.

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