The 4-Square Site - ZL1IU

Name                  Nick Wallace
QTH                     Okaihau, Northland, New Zealand
Grid                      RF64VR

4-Square Info
Band - 80m
Operational since 1996
Phasing system - modified DX Engineering (T-400 toroids), switchbox designed and built by Bob, ZL1RS using logic switching.

Nick says - the elements are full size 1/4 wave tapering aluminium tubing guyed at three levels, ground mounted with 65, 1/4 wave radials per element.  The phasing lines are all 75 ohm foam coax.  The array shows up to 30db front to back and dumped power is monitored in the shack and is approximately 1%.  Particular care was taken with the siting of the elements to make them as symetrical as possible.  I had a surveyor friend peg out the positions of the vertical elements at the cost of a bottle of rum..... well worth it!

Nick is planning to increase the number of radials on each vertical to around 80 this summer.

After years of using a single 1/4 wave vertical in some very quiet locations with a Beverage for receive the 4-Square has made a different band out of 75/80m and no longer needs a beverage for receive.

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1.     The phasing unit - modified DX Engineering
2.     The base of one of the verticals
3.     ZL1IU's 4-Square in all it's glory, looking longpath EU
4.     The operating position at ZL1IU

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