Name:                 David Hardwick
QTH:                    Tauranga, New Zealand
Grid:                     RF82BD
Station Info:        TS2000X, TS830, TS930
Note....David moved QTH some time in 2015 so this 4-square is no more.  I am led to understand that David sold the system so perhaps it will be reborn again!

4-Square Info
Band - 80m
This is the second 4-square that David has built.  The first was in 1994 and now this one at his new QTH.  Prior to the 4-square David had a triangular array for 80m so he has been using a phased array for some time.  The phasing system is a Lewallan design currently using a 180 degree phase reversal transformer for the 180 degree phase shift.  The verticals each sit on an insulator that passes through a 500mm square (3mm) copper sheet that has all the radials soldered to.

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1.          David's 4-square in all it's glory.  From the North looking South.
2.          4-Square and quad for 40m (2 ele) 20, 17, 15, 10 and 6m (4 ele) on crank up. tilt over homebrew tower.
3.          Switching box of six relays and diode matrix.
4.          Phasing box and 180 degree phase shift transformer.
5.          The shack setup at ZL1GQ showing the TS2000, TS830, TS903, laptop and antenna switch.

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