Name                  Tom Thomas
QTH                     nr Mojave, California
Station info         FT-100D, battery powered

4-Square Info
Band - 40m
I have had my 40 meter 4 Square up about 5 years. Having a REALLY GOOD antenna on 40 meters is a real kick. When I set mine up for the first time and turned on the radio and could hear EUROPEANS in the bright sunlight, 4 hours before sunset, I knew that this antenna was going to be a lot of fun!

I have 2 1/2 acres of land in the California High Desert about 7 miles East of the small town of Mojave (about 70 miles North of Los Angeles) at 2700 feet above sea level.  The closest electrical power lines are 4 miles away and as you can imagine there is no "man made noise".   Operating conditions are SPARTAN.  I operate out of the back of my HONDA ELEMENT using a 70 pound battery to power my 100 watt FT-100D.  I operate mostly contests and major DXEPEDITIONS.

I use 4 treated wooden posts and 4 elevated radials per vertical.  The phasing unit is the old DX ENGINEERING (pre dates current DX ENG that was located in Portland, OR.) phasing unit that sat in my garage unused for 15 years and coax phasing cables from COMTEK.  Pretty simple but it works GREAT.  The wooden posts and supports for the elevated radials are the only items that I leave on the property.  It takes about 3 hours to set up (less to tear down).  The area is miles from anywhere and between the high winds and potential for vandalism it works out OK.