Name             Gary Pannell    
QTH                Venus, Texas, USA
Grid                EM12km     
Station Info     

4-Square info
Band - 80m

Gary says

"I began collecting tower and other components for this antenna in the late ninety's. It took several years to overcome some of the engineering problems,such as how to insulate the tower base from ground and maintain the mechanical integrity, also how to get the feed lines perfectly tuned. I have them buried and all are 1/4 wavelength using
.82 velocity hardline rescued from the local cable company .750 aluminum with vinyl covering. I based my antenna on 75 ohm feed. I get a near perfect match from 3.5mhz to 3.9mhz. I use an active load from Henry Radio for the dump port 400 watts. It never exceeds 100 watts with a legal limit amp.  This antenna has been in use for 7 years with not a bit of problem. Each vertical is adjustable and the towers have 120 radials each, the center tower is used to support the hybrid coupler that is hand made.  The design was based on W5EU four square antenna system.  Also the center tower is fed against ground and a counterpoise system with an Omega feed to resonate on 40 Meters. The towers used in this antenna are Rohn 35. These were used by Motorola initially for Cell towers and have been rescued from them. I purchased them at Ham com in 1995. I have worked the world with this antenna and have had great success working every part of this globe. I have had super reports from all Continent's and Oceania . I highly recommend this as a great way to have a directional antenna with gain on the low bands."

WA5FWC  Gary Pannell