Name                  Ira Lipton
QTH                     Liberty, NY
Grid                     FN21PV
Station Info        FTdx9000D and Alpha 70, IC-756 Pro2 and Alpha 70V, FT-1000D and Collins 30S-1, Vintage Collins and E.F. Johnson receivers and transmitters

4-Square info
Band - 80m
Here are the details of my 80 meter 4 square: full size elements spaced 65 feet .  The elements are about 70 feet high; fabricated from Rohn 25 tower sections and 30 foot aluminum "stingers".  The bottom 6 feet of the aluminum whip is triple wall tubing.

There approximately 65 ground mounted 1/4 wave radials per antenna; they are silver soldered at the crossover points. The radial wires were simply placed on top of the grass and fastened down with many wire lawn staples.

I am currently using a DX Engineering hybrid coupler at the center of the array. The dummy load (a kw MFJ oil filled unit) is located at the coupler. The directional coupler from an old Drake W-4 wattmeter is inserted in series with the feedline to the dummy load at the center of the array. The wattmeter itself is connected to the directional coupler with spare leads in the control cable.  The dumped power readings are the same whether the wattmeter is connected to the directional coupler with short leads or through the 200 feet of additional wire..

The array is a spectacular performer. Gain over a single vertical appears to be 5 to 6 db. Front to back ratio at low angles is in excess of 20 db.  Dumped power varies from a few percent in the phone band to around 20 % at the bottom of the cw band.  Gain and front to back seem to be consistent across the entire band.

Below are photos showing the copper tubing radial attachment point and the entire array.