Name                  Steve Narducci
QTH                     Alexandria, Indiana, USA
Grid                      EN79GE
Station Info        2 x Ten-Tec Orion 2, Ameritron AL-1200

4-Square Info
Band - 80m & 40m
Operational since November 2009 (40m) and February 2010 (80m), both 4-squares are full size quarter wave verticals.
Phasing system - Comtek

1.     2.     3.     4.

1.      QTH at W9SN showing layout of antennas.
2.      DX Engineering radial plate on one of the 80m verticals.
3.      Mounting for the 80m verticals.
4.      Hinge and mounting.

5.     6.      7.      8.

5.      The top of the 4" x 4" pressure treated mounting post.
6.      Another vertical goes up!
7.      Steve working on the antenna.
8.      Hey presto!!  One 80m 4-Square.

9.      10.      11.    12.

9.     The 40m 4-Square
10.   Full size quarter wave mounted 8' above ground with 8 elevated radials.
11.   Comtek ACB-40
12.   This picture shows the power into the dump load on the 40m 4-Square.  4w for 1037w output.

Steve has done some modelling for both arrays and will be adding parasitic directors on the NW and NE diagonals on both arrays.