Name                  John C Small
QTH                     Commack, New York
Grid                      FN30IU
Station info         Icom IC7700, Ameritron AL1200  



4-Square info
Band - 80m
Phasing system - Comtek
Vertical construction - aluminium tubing, supported by 2 x 2x4 wooden posts, guyed

1. W2VP     2. W2VP     3. W2VP

4. W2VP     5. W2VP


1.     The base of one of the verticals showing some of the ground system.
2.     The mounting system of one of the verticals
3.     Another one of the verticals.
4.     Another vertical with the tower and MonstIR beam which is situated in the centre of the 4-Square.
5.     John, W2VP hard at work on the MonstIR beam with one of the 4-Square verticals in the background.