4-Square Site


Name                  Charles Sargent
QTH                     Georgia
Grid                      EM73XL
Station info         In the shack is a Yaesu FT-1000MP Mark-V.  The amps are, #1 is an Al-80A on 160 meters into a dipole, and amp #2 is a 4-1000A on 80 meters into a 4 Square or a dipole soon to be replaced with a 3CX-3000A7,  #3 is a pair of 3-500Zs on 40 meters into a pair of phased verticals, soon to be a 4 Square.  Amp. #4 is another pair of 3-500Zs into a 4-Square on 20 meters. Now for the upper bands, I am installing a 2 element 5 band Quad, which will be driven by either one of the 3-500Z amps. except for 10 meters.   There I will use amp #5, an AL-811H, my father's amp, which is also used for local low power rag chew on 3.764Mhz.  I also have another 4-Square that is a multi-band receive system by DX Engineeing. 


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1.     Ground preparation is always easy with a machine like this!
2.     Verticals are supported by 6" x 6" x 16' wooden posts.
3.     My verticals are made of Rohn 50 foot push-up poles with 25 foot extensions. I'm not sure why they call them push-ups. The only way to gets these things 65 foot in the air is to pull-them-up. My rigging allows me to get above the pulling point.
4.     Feed point of one of the verticals.
5.     I have 52 quarter wave ground radials under each antenna totaling 13,500+ feet of copper wire under the vertical system. Each vertical is 65 feet high. I also have a 20 meter 4 square insde of these verticals with another 4,100 feet of wire.
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