Name                   Ron Maille
QTH                      Florida
Grid                       EL88RX

4-Square info
Band - 80m & 20m
Phasing systems - 80m is DX Engineering Hybrid with 40 ohm inductive reactance in series with back element for a better match.  20m is Comtek.
120 radials under each 80m vertical and 72 radials under each 20m vertical.  Both radial systems are tied to a common bus and ground rods.  90% of the radials are 17 gauge steel electric fence wire.  Both systems are switched with one control box.

1.     2.      3.      4.

5.      6.    7.     8.

9.     10.

11.     12.

1.     First you've got to decide where to put it!!
2.     This is one of the vertical supports.
3.     Two ofe the verticals showing the phasing unit in the centre.
4.     This is how they go up - traditional gin pole.
5.     A piece of cake!
6.     The 4-square clearly showing the 20m 4-square in the middle.
7.     Another view showing the 20m 4-square in the middle of the 80m 4-square.
8.     Just the 20m 4-square.
9.     Lovely blue sky in FL!!
10.   This one showing the base of one of the verticals and the extensive ground system.
11. & 12.    The development of a new phasing system - final pics of the finished system to come soon.