Name                  John Lawrence
QTH                     Waldoboro, Maine
Grid                     FN54he
Station info        Elecraft K3


 4-Square Info
Band/s - 80m & 40m
Both arrays use the DX Engineering phasing boxes with a few new features including omni direction, hot switching protection and relay cycling for contact cleaning.  On 40 Meters 2 inch by 30 foot aluminum irrigation tubing is used with short three-quarter inch top tubing.  The elements are mounted against 4 by 4 inch posts using all standard two inch PVC pipe for insulation.  The 80 meter array is much the same with 3 inch OD by 40 ft tubing plus the remaining 26 feet (+/-) using telescoping 6 foot sections from 1.5 inches down to three quarter inch.  Both arrays have outstanding VSWR and low 50 ohm load power.  The entire 40 meter band plus 80 m CW portion exhibit less than 3 percent but 7 percent in the 80 m DX window.

HOT OFF THE PRESS.......I had a very nice QSO with John on 40m last night (10th February 2018).  Of course, John was using his 40m 4-square!  John told me that he is in the process of rebuilding his 80m 4-square using 50' tower sections.  He just has a single vertical operational on that band at the moment until the other 3 are completed.  Watch this space for future developments!

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1.     80 meter 4 Square shown as hidden in the woods 400 ft east of my farm house. 
2.     40 meter vertical with insulated base using 2 inch aluminum irrigation tubing and 32 radials per vertical.  The insulators at the bottom and up 5 ft are standard 2 inch PVC pipe which has an ID or just over 2 inches.
3.     80 meter vertical going up using gin pole with cable attached 12 ft above the bottom.  The gin pole is back guyed to handle the peak load.
4.     More detail of the gin pole arrangement using the winch and pole with snatch block at the top.
5.     Completed 80 meter vertical with 32 radials yield an impedance match of R=32 @ X=0  The remaining verticals were adjusted to match the impedance at the desired frequency.


6.     7.     8.     9.

6.      Bottom hinge fabrication showing insulated base with 3 inch (ID) PVC pipe held using 3-1/2 inch muffler clamps bolted to the hinge.
7.      This is another picture showing how the hinge base was fabricated and attached to the pressure treated 6 by 6 post.
8.      80 meter and 40 meter radial production using two stakes separated by a quarter wave reduced time.
9.      This picture shows how I kept track of the radial layout out and also improved the time to install.  I started by making four, then eight quadrants as the best approach then fill in between each quadrant with three evenly spaced radials to get up to the 32 total.  The wire is all insulated and not bonded except at each vertical base.  The four verticals are only attached electrically through the feed lines. 

Refinements to be made:
80 meters only
-lightening protection of beamforming network
-switchable tuning network at bottom of each vertical to improve F/B ratio and VSWR in DX window