4-Square Site

Name                  Mike Burgoyne
QTH                     British Columbia, Canada
Grid                      CN99KD

4-Square Info
Band - 80m
Here's your new game - it's called "Spot The 4-Square"!

To protect the COMTEK controller, I place a rubber rubbish bin over it and weight it down.

The vertical elements are taped to a 3/8" green polypropylene rope that goes up to the top of each tree and back down to the ground where it's tied off.

I shoot them up into the trees with my bow and arrow and fishing rods!  The shooting line is 5-pound test, and then I use that to pull up a heavier line.  I use that heavier line to pull up the 3/8" polypropylene rope that the verticals are taped to.

Note that I have a 3/4" nut taped to the end of the arrow.  This extra weight helps pull the line off of the fishing reel when I fire the arrow, but it's especially needed to bring the arrow down through the branches of the trees.  That fishing line has an amazing amount of drag when pulled over branches.  Without the nut the arrow doesn't have the weight to overcome the drag and it gets hung up in the trees!!!

Each vertical is about 65' and tuned to 3.650 MHz.  They are fed with RG-6 and BNC connectors.  I use BNC-to-PL259 adaptors to hook them up to the COMTEK box.  Each vertical radiator has 4 elevated radials about 12 feet off the ground.  The feedline to the ham shack is about 300 feet of LMR-400 to get to the "back 40", and the 50-ohm KW load is in the shack so I can measure dump power, and also fed with 300 feet of LMR-400.

Of course the "ears" of the system is my "steerable" 480-foot Beverage system made by DX Engineering.  The Beverage is interfaced to the rig via my MFJ-1026 Signal enhancer, that also adds another pre-amp and helps null noise.  IT WORKS!!!

Perhaps my meagre 4-Square will encourage others to put up similar installations. 14 AWG wire is cheap, and one doesn't necessarily need the tree height I have and they're inexpensive and FUN to put up, which should be be appealing to just about every HAM I've ever known........

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5.      6.     7.      8.

1.     Bow, arrow and fishing line is used to get the vertical wires up into the trees.
2.     Phasing system from Comtek
3.     Spot the vertical!!
4.     Can you see a 4-square there?
5.     This is why Mike needs elevated radials!  Coastal Blacktail deer.
6.     There's another element in here somewhere!
7.     DX Engineering provides the "ears" for Mike's system.
8.     Ladderline beverage and the view towards Europe.