4-Square Site


Name                   Dave Newman
QTH                      Hillsville, VA, U.S.A.
Grid                       EM96OT
Station info          Yaesu FT-2000, Yaesu DMU-2000, Heil Pro headset, Commander HF-2500, Palstar AT4K antenna tuner

4-Square Info
I have received many questions and comments about my "primitive" 80 meter four square array. Each vertical is constructed of number 12,stranded,insulated copper wire. A ground buss of number 4 copper wire, with 4 x 8 foot ground rods, circles each vertical and the 164, 1/4 wave radials, are connected to this ground buss.  Total number of 8 foot ground rods in the array.. 17. This includes the one I have in the middle of the array at the hybrid phase system.  I have a total of over 8 miles of copper wire radials under the array.   Total cost of each vertical..about 23 dollars!! (I buy my wire at flea markets).   Each vertical is suspended from a large oak tree.   The array is located in a dense growth of oak trees together with other plants and briars.
UP DATE...I re-tuned my "primitive" 80 meter 4 square array on 11-9-08...With 110 watts into the array and the antenna TUNE frequency at 3.715 khz, the connected array results are as follows....The array resonates at 3.791 khz which,as you can see,is up the band about 76 khz....The dumped power is less than 1/2 watt in all directions....The feed point impedances are between 39 ohms to 41 ohms on all antennas....After the re-tune process the F/B came up a few DB....THE SECRET....To achieve the BEST F/B on a four square vertical array....ALL the verticals MUST be on the same resonant frequency....****Two of my verticals were off frequency....this was due to tree growth over the last 10 years....the NE vertical was a little short and the NW vertical was a little long....The TREES have an affect on the resonant frequency in MY system and all the verticals ARE NOT the same physical length****
I recently constructed a 40 meter four square array using four full- size 40 meter ground plane antennas, constructed from #14 copper wire, elevated 33 feet above the ground.   After several antenna tests, the ground mounted system seems to outperform the ground planes by about 8 db to 15 db as far as F/B is concerned.   However, the gain of both arrays seems to be about the same, approximately 6 to 8 db over my reference antennas.   I am using a Comtek phasing system built by Jim Miller, K4SQR, for both four square arrays.

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1.     The shack at NA4L
2.     The oak trees that support the wire 4-square in the mountains of Virginia
3.     Feed point for one of the verticals protected from the elements by a plastic jug
4.     Another view of the many trees at NA4L
5.     View from the 4-square looking to the SW.  Spot the 2 jugs on the feed points!
6.     View looking towards Europe - elevation around 3000ft
7.     Another view towards Europe
8.     Dave (NA4L) and his "stealth" antenna!!