Name                 Len Rulason
QTH                    Queen Creek, Arizona, USA
Grid                    DM43DF
Station Info       

4-Square Info
Band - 20m
Operational since 2012
Phasing system - Comtek

Len says
"Just finished my 4 Square Phased Array for 20 meters a few months ago and I am very happy with the system so far, it has met all of my needs as far as DX and a low profile installation.

It uses a Comtek Systems Four Square Hybrid Phasing control box and phasing lines.
The Verticals are made from DXEngineering components , aluminum tubing and mounting clamps.
The aluminum mounting plates I made from scratch. 1/4" x 6.0" x 8.0" aluminum plate. The radial plates are also built from scratch from AL-clad aluminum plate, they were CNC laser cut as were the mounting holes for each radial to be attached to.
There are 60 radials per vertical radiator for a total of 240. About 3000 feet of 20 gage insulated wire.
There are four buss bars running north / south and east / west at the center of the array that the center radials attach to were they would meet.
The buss bars are each 24 feet long meeting at the center of the array and attach to a center disk to complete the circuit.
The buss bars are made from 1/8" x 1/2" 1100 series aluminum.
All connections are coated with Penetrox electrical joint compound.



The array is tuned for 14.225 and has a very wide frequency range that the swr is very flat. I operate from 14.300 to 14.150 with no problem.
Radiator spacing is 17' 4"
Radials are 1/4 wave length for 14.225.

The performance is in line with the Comtek Systems manual.

Gain: 3.5 to 4 db. over my single 20 meter vertical test antenna.
Beam width +/- 46 degrees
Front to back = 20 db.
Front to side = >15 db.

Foot print of array 51' x 51'

The array works very well for Longpath contacts. I have been making them almost everyday to VU India , 4S7 Sir Lanka in the late afternoon and 9K2 Kuwait, EA Spain, I Italy and ON Belgium in the early morning Longpath.

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