4-Square Site

Name                  Lenny Mendel
QTH                     Hot Springs, Arkansas
Grid                      EM34JK
Station Info         Yaesu FT1000MP, HF2500DX linear

4-Square Info
Band - 80m
Phasing System - Comtek
Vertical construction - 2 x Colatchco verticals and 2 x exact copies.  4 x elevated radials per vertical made from #10 aluminium wire.

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5.     6.

1.          4-Square down in the woods.  Fed by over 400ft of WW2 surplus hardline coax RG217/U.
2.          Closer view of one of the verticals.
3.          Picture from the 4-Square looking back towards the house.
4.          The base of one of the verticals.
5.          The Comtek box and dummy load in the plastics bin.
6.          Picture from the house looking down towards the 4-Square.