4-Square Site

Below is a list of stations that I know to be running 4-Squares.  If you know of any that can be added to the list or any information is out of date or inaccurate then please e-mail me at g4ata@4-square.co.uk and let me know.

If you would like to have your 4-Square included on the site please e-mail me information and photos to g4ata@4-square.co.uk

AA4SC, Ric - 80m
DJ5AN, Jan - 80m
DL2LZ , Rai - 80m, 12m shortened verticals
DM9EE, Carsten - 80m
DO1HDR, Dirk - 80m (more information to follow)
ER4DX, Vasily - 80m, full size verticals, 400 radials
F5BZB, Eric - 40m, full size verticals
G0NVD, Jon - 80m, full size verticals
G3RCQ, Dave - 80m, full size verticals
G3UCK, Geoff - 80m, full size verticals
GW3XHG, Dave - 80m, shortened verticals
G4AMN, Chris - 80m, full size verticals
G4ATA, John - 80m, full size, free standing verticals......sadly this 4-square no longer exists due to a move of QTH.  See also M4D
G4BVB, Steve - 80m, full size verticals
G4PEL, Ross - 80m, full size verticals
GW4RIB, Wyn - 80m, centre loaded verticals
HA8RM, Peter - 80m, full size verticals
HB9AYX, Bernard - 80m, 50ft linear loaded verticals
K3ZM, Peter - 80m
K4JPD, Steve - 80m
K4PI, Mike - 160m, 4 “T” antennas, 90 ft vertical and 45 foot horizontal wire
K4PI, Mike - 80m, using the K8UR style 1/2 wave dipole arrangement strung from the top of a 100 foot tower
K4WZ, Ron - 80m, 4-sq dipoles
K5OVC, Lenny - 80m, full size verticals, 4 elevated radials each
K5ZV, Joe - 80m, full size verticals
LA5QFA, Jan - 80m
LU5FC, Jesus - 80m, 4-square slopers
M4D, John - 40m, elevated feed point, 2 x elevated radials per vertical.
N2RK, Jack, 80m, elevated radials
N3KS, Ken - 80m
N7ZV, Len - 20m, full size verticals
NA4L, Dave - 80m, full size wire verticals & 40m, full size wire verticals
ON7QD/OT4I, Rony - 80m, full size
ON8DM, Mich - 80m & 40m full size verticals
PA0GMW, Paul - 80m, full size verticals
PA5A, Johan - 80m
SM2EKM , Jim - 80m, full size verticals, 8 directions
SM7EHU, Pelle - 80m, elevated radials
VA2HP, Luc - 40m, elevated feed point, elevated radials.
VA3JL, Jerry - 80m
VA7XX, Pat - 80m, 4-square dipoles
VE3YJ, Rocco - 80m
VE6JY, Don - 80m
VE7WY, Mike - 80m, full size wire elements ... a real stealth antenna!
VY2ZM, Jeff - 80m
W0EK, Bob - 80m
W1DW, Nahm - 80m
W1MK, Robye - 160m, 80m, 40m, 20m & 15m
W1RKT, Bob - 80m
W1QS, John - 80m & 40m full size verticals
W1VO, Ron - 80m, 40m & 20m, full size verticals
W2DWW, Charles - 80m, full size verticals & 20m
W2OE, Merv - 80m, wire verticals
W2VP, John - 80m, full size verticals
W3KL, Jeff - 80m
W6BH, Lee - 80m
W9SN, Steve - 80m & 40m, full size verticals
WA2OAX, Ira - 80m, full size verticals
WA5FWC, Gary, 80m
WA6WPG, Tom - 40m, full size verticals, elevated radials
WD5COV, Dave - 80m
ZL1GQ, David - 80m, full size verticals
ZL1IU, Nick - 80m, full size verticals
ZS6CCY, Bill - 80m, full size verticals, semi-elevated