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Antenna Engineering - Antenna Engineering specialise in producing a range of high quality aluminium HF verticals ranging from mono band single element verticals to multi element phased arrays.


Comtek Systems    Comtek Systems - very popular hybrid phased array systems.


Spiderbeam  Spiderbeam - professional telescopic fibreglass poles.  Used in the construction of 80m 4-squares by G4ATA and GW4RIB.  Also used by G4ATA & 2E1FVS in the construction of a variety of other verticals, phased pairs for 40m, 20m vertical dipoles and vertical Moxons.  The 12m telescopic pole is the perfect height for a ¼λ vertical for 40m with an elevated feed point at approximately 2m over ground.


DX Engineering  DXEngineering - 4-Square Arrays .....

Of course, DX Engineering don't just build excellent 4-Square phasing systems.  They can supply everything from tools and materials to books and everything inbetween........ just click on the link and see for yourself.

After it became known that Franz, DF6QV, had designed the 4 SQ-antennas for TS7N, 5A7A and VP6DX and built the phasing and control boxes himself, a lot of hams wanted to learn more about this type of antenna that yielded such outstanding results on the low bands during these DX-peditions.
Franz has had his script published about a lecture at this year's RRDXA spring meeting on his experiences with this successful type of antenna on the RRDXA web page.
Franz has kindly agreed to let me publish the link here........

Useful information about simple phased pairs including Christman phasing calculator ..... VA7ST

SJ2W Contest station .... here you can purchase a pcb to make your own hybrid phasing system.

SD  Excellent contest logging software.  SD offers direct support for the major international contests, and for most of the other events you're ever likely to try.

DXtreme Software produces powerful and easy to use logging applications for radio enthusiasts
DXtreme Software