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Name                  Paul Christiaanse
QTH                     Hoogwoud, Netherlands
Grid                      JO22LR

4-Square Info
Band - 80m

This summer (2008) the elements have been replaced and it has new phasing and currents to the elements.
The 4-square has the following figures.   It can be switched in eight directions, stepsize is 45 degrees.  The square has 20m ( 66 ft ) sides.  The height is 19.8 m ( 65 ft ) for each element.  The total number of radials is 320.  It has four corner and four broadside firing directions.

With corner firing the front element has -225 degrees and .82 current amplitude.  The center elements are -113 degrees and .93 current amplitude.  The rear is 0 degrees and the current is 1.  The different phase ratio increases the directivity, the current ratio reduces the high angle lob at the rear.  The gain increase is .85 dB compared to a traditional 4-square.   The directivity is nearly 20 degrees better. 

The broadside firing is made with a single capacitor.  It makes + 115 degrees , the current to the rear elements is 1.  The current to the front elements is .9  Broadside firing is 1.6 dB down relative to corner firing.

1.    2.    3.     4.

5.     6.     7.     8.

9.     10.     11.

1. & 2.     The four square
3.             The base of one of the verticals
4.              Laying the radials
5.              This is the tool on the back of the machine in pic 4 - makes burying radials a piece of cake!!
6.,7. & 8. Home brew phasing unit
9.              The shack at PA0GMW
10. & 11. The measuring lab


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