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Name:                 John Dalton
QTH:                    Ham, Belgium
Licensed:           ex KB6LYE & G0LUV.  Still holds EI4GO
Station info:      

4-Square Info

Band - 40m

ON8EI    ON8EI    ON8EI    ON8EI    ON8EI    ON8EI

Hello I am John ON8EI, I used to be G0LUV and before that KB6LYE and I’m still EI4GO.

I live in the village of Ham in the province of Limburg, Belgium.  Yes, an appropriate name for my QTH!!

In the year of 2019 I heard people using 4 square antennas getting good results. At the club in December 2019 a guy in the club said he had one, he was Didier ON8VK. I went over and had a look. It was an 80m one, too big for my garden but I thought a 40m might work. I noticed ¼ wave was too big for me but a guy, LZ2WO Val, said 1/8 wave will work and it does.

I got the radiator holders from
I bought my coupler and switch box from
I laid down 60 radials mostly 3-4m long.

With this antenna I have contacted the world so far. This is a compromise 40m 4 sq but I have achieved my 4 sq goal. 73’s ON8EI John. 



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