The 4-Square Site

The 4-Square Site - ON8DM

Name:                 Mich G
QTH:                    Heuvelland
Grid:                     JO10JS
Licensed:           ON8DM since 2006, before that ON7DCM
Profession:        Management
Station info:        Icom IC7400, Acom 1000

4-Square Info

Band - 80m
Operational since October 2009.  Full sized verticals, a combination of aluminium tubing and fibre-glass poles, free standing.  3.5km of wire is used in the ground system, equally spread around the verticals.

1.     2.     3.     4.

1.     The wooden pole to support the verticals.
2.     The wire used for the radials.  Enamelled, hard drawn copper, 18kg.
3.     Radials on one pole, soldered, coated and sealed.
4.     The base of one vertical.  In future the verticals will be raised and lowered with a motor driven winch.


5.     6.     7.      8.

5.     The home made hybrid coupler ready for measurements.
6.     The home made hybrid coupler outside uncovered . The dummy load is a temporary solution but survived the CQWW2009.
7.     The home made multi switch unit finished Oct 2009, control of the 4 square , beverages and the 2 element for 40m.
8.     The full size 4 square finished 20/10/2009.

Band - 40m
Operational since September 2011. Full sized verticals, free standing. 1km of wire is used in each vertical. Homemade from A to Z.

1.      2.      3. 

1.    Homebrew phasing system.
2.   Radials at the base of one of the verticals.
3.   The full 4 square for 40m, free standing verticals.
Note...the system switching is controlled by the same switch unit as in 7 above for the 80m system.

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