After several months of planning my 4 SQR for 80m, I'm finally finished.  The result was very good.  Thanks to John, G4ATA for support.  First I though that I would use the 18m aluminum mast from Spiderbeam.  These are anodized aluminum, but eventually the choice came to using 8m aluminum and 12m fiber poles from Spiderbeam.  I used 3 x 14AWG copper wire, which is paired with aluminum pipes.  I use the Comtek phasing system, which works great.  The first QSO with this system was FK8CP SSB.  I live at 70 degrees north and it is common to have a lot of aurora to contend with.  Anyway, I run now Japan easily in the evening, something I could not do before.


Name:                  Jan Johansen
QTH:                     Bakkum, 9130 Hansnes
Grid:                      JP99TX
Station Info:         Yaesu FT-2000, IC 7700, OM3500, 4-Square 80m, 40m vertical.
Projects;              2 x phased verticals for 160m, 4-ele yagi 10,15&20m @ 18m

See Jan's web site -


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1.          A close up of the feedpoint and bottom mounting
2.          The mounting of the verticals - brackets made from drawings supplied by G4ATA
3.          The finished 4-square
4.          The shack at LA5QFA

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