Name                 Bernard Decaunes
QTH                    Nr Yverdon, Switzerland
Grid                     JN04KF
Station Info        Icom IC738, Micom 1000

4-Square Info
Band - 80m
Phasing system - Comtek
Bernard first setup his 4-square in 1998 and it is only operational during the winter months as he is using a cow pasture field. 
All the elements are free standing and home made using TV mast surplus and a military whip with linear loading.  Each vertical is around 50 feet high and individually tuned to around 3.750KHZ and the whole system is resonant at around 3.780.  Each vertical has 50 radials on the ground.  The verticals are fed via 75 ohm CATV coax and a unun.  The main feedline and control cables are around 150 ft long and Bernard has a remote relay switching system that allows him to switch between the SSB and CW band segments.

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1.     A drawing showing the construction and dimensions of Bernard's verticals.
2.     The base of one vertical showing the loading system.
3.     Bernard (HB9AYX) and his 80m 4-square.
4.     Bernard at the base of one of his verticals.

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