Name          Jan Stadman
QTH             Beesten, Germany
Locator      JO32RH

4-square info
Band 80m

Jan says......

Around May 2013 I started building my 4 square for 80m.  I ordered a PCB from SJ2W and then started to get the parts together.
Basic construction plan was the webpage of Patrick TK5EP. Furthermore I decided I wanted full size quarter wave aluminium poles with ground radials.
I had a large amount of guy wires available so it was an easy choice to use them. The aluminium poles are guyed in 4 directions on 3 levels.
At the end of September 2013 I had all parts ready and the contoller and steering box worked and tested.
My next door neighbour helped me with the aluminium poles and I decided for 19,7m (64,6 Feet) length.
Now I would use 19.85m (65,1 feet) to be more in centre of the 80m band. CW switch boxes are under construction.
I have a special plate which holds 2 steel pipes in a 90 degree angle one holding the mast and the other for the pull-up mast.
Use always 2 additional wires to keep the pull-up mast straight in the middle, forgetting this caused the plate to be pulled up instead of the mast.
I put the aluminium poles together and my wife helped my to pull up the first 3 and the last mast was pulled up with the help of my friend Marcel PA9M.
The 4 square is running really wonderful on 80m.  USA West coast via long path or Pacific in afternoon (16:00Z) and Arizona in early morning (06:30z)
Still improvements are possible but for the first winter I am really happy.



1. DJ5AN     2. DJ5AN     3. DJ5AN

4. DJ5AN     5. DJ5AN     6. DJ5AN

Power into the dummy load tests at DJ5AN


1 Radial plate with mast already on a nylon insulator and with overvoltage protection.
2 80m 4sq test with help of the cat.
3 80m 4sq test with phase cables and dummy loads.
4 80m 4sq 90deg phase shift.
5 80m 4sq homemade coupler with SJ2W PCB and DF6QV controller.
6 80m 4square in the garden.

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