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Welcome to the home page for a web site dedicated primarily to the 4-Square.  Here you will find information about 4-Squares in the UK and around the world.

Not everyone knows what a 4-Square is.  Four separate verticals are arranged in a square (hence "4-Square") with a vertical in each corner.  The height of the verticals and the sides of the square are usually a quarter wave length at the desired operating frequency.  Feeding the verticals with the correct power and phase division between them makes the array directional across the diagonals of the square.  The power and phase distribution is usually switchable to make the array "rotatable", usually in four directions 90 degrees apart.  However, it is possible to have an eight direction array although the gain in the broadside directions is slightly lower than across the diagonals.

There are some very good, and popular, 4-Square array phasing systems commercially available - see the links page.  Also there are many people using homebrew phasing systems, some of which are featured in the pages on this site.

Differing gain and front-to-back ratios can be achieved with differing phase/current ratios in the phasing system and also with the spacing of the array elements.  There is an abundance of information available on the internet and, of course, ON4UN's book "Low-Band DXing" is considered by many to be an essential resource.

A multitude of different construction techniques for verticals are in use from commercially available monoband antennas to simple wire elements....... again, many different construction techniques are featured here.

If you have a 4-Square and would like to have it featured on this web site then please e-mail me at the address below with photographs and as much information as possible regarding the construction, phasing system used etc etc.

With the exchange of ideas and experiences perhaps we can help each other.  Who knows, maybe some people will be inspired to build their own.

There are now five sections, one for the UK, one for EU one for NA, one for Africa and now one for Oceania...... all running 4-Squares of course.

Please e-mail me with your 4-Square info, pics, experiences etc for inclusion on the site  g4ata@4-square.co.uk

There is a page listing 4-squares known to me - I will try and keep this as up-to-date as possible.  If you would like to let me know about more please e-mail me at the address above.

If you have another phased array and would like it including on this site then please send me the info.  I would be happy to include a section for 2 ele, 3 ele or more phased arrays.

Fame at last!!  This site was featured in the ARRL Contest Newsletter in early March 2010 as Technical Web Site of the Week ........ thanks guys!

LATEST INFO - John, W1QS, is in the process of rebuilding the elements for his 80m 4-square.
160m broadside/endfire array at AA1K, ......and a 80m 4-square at DJ5AN.

M4D's homebrew 4-square page updated with some pics of control box MkII and MkII, revA.  Click here for more information.   .....it is confirmed!  This antenna is the England record holder in the CQ WPX SSB, single op, single band 40m, assisted high power category.

A simple pair of phased verticals for 40m at 2E1FVS.....186 DXCC, WAC, WAZ and a string of contest results all on 40m and all with 50w!

A link here to a Facebook 4-Square Antenna Users and Friends group   Click here.

Don't forget the "Useful Links" button below ....... latest link to DF6QV's excellent presentation about 4-squares.

Although I am not publishing this web site to make any money it does cost me every year for the hosting fees.  If you feel that this site has been of use to you and you would make a donation please feel free to make a PayPal donation to john@g4ata.co.uk quoting 4-square site.  Any donations received will be acknowledged in a new page.

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